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Parliament in Budapest

I adore the Danube River!     

     I have sailed it four times and will probably sail it many more.

There is nothing like gliding past the illuminated Parliament in Budapest, I will never tire of that sight!

As it is a long river there are many different itineraries options to choose from.    On each of my journeys there have been new ports to explore and new adventures awaiting me.      

I favor Avalon Waterways when I do river cruises for many reasons, one of the most important is their panorama suites. They are so much larger than their competitors cabins and laying in bed facing the full wall of windows is an experience that is really hard to beat.  When the slider is opened up the entire room becomes an open air balcony, plus Avalon's cabin has a nice sofa and soft chair to sit on, the others do not.      

My cruise began in Budapest and had an extension in Prague at the end, which is a really nice way to see this part of the world. Budapest is a great city, it is very "user friendly" they have a great public transportation system to get around on and you can walk easily between attractions.

It took until my third visit to Budapest for me to visit one of the baths, well, I visited them previously but didn't actually go in the water until last year. I highly recommend you give it a try, it is not expensive and is super relaxing, you can pre-purchase on line a pass and a massage for very little money.     

Most Danube cruises overnight in Vienna which is another great city easy to explore on your own!We went to the Imperial Crypt which was super interesting, the coffins were gorgeous, and when we visited the palace later it was fun to match the casket to the bedroom.

The Spanish Riding School is in Vienna, you can go to see the Lipizzaner’s practice which is quite amazing! You may not know this but the horses are actually born black and turn white later, I found that out there when chatting to one of the trainers.The control and talent of the riders (and horses) is something you won't soon forget!

We visited the Belvedere museum on our own as well, my favorite painting," The Kiss" hangs there, it was humbling seeing it in person.     

The Wachau valley has lovely wines, the ship pairs them perfectly with meals at no charge.If wine is not your thing, beer is also included with lunch and dinner, sparkling wine is free with breakfast as well.     

Bikes are available to take off the ship for free if you want to go riding, and there is an adventure host that does all kinds of things like yoga, hiking etc.The included excursions are interesting too, not just things like a guided walk in town.

For example, we opted to visit Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial, it is not for everyone, a sobering day but something I was glad I did.                        Mauthausen was a Vernichtung durch arbeit" (extermination by work) camp.          Many parts of it are disturbingly intact which serve as an important reminder to the world to never allow horrors like this to happen again. 

 The trip ended with a few days in Prague which was nice to wind down to a slower pace.The castle is interesting as is the astronomical clock but I just like wandering around on cobblestone street exploring and shopping. We found the best hole in the wall restaurant where I am sure the grandmother was the chef.There was only room enough for maybe ten patrons and it was the best meal I had the entire three nights I was in Prague.   

River cruising has quickly become my favorite way to travel, having excursions, meals, Wi-Fi , wine, etc. all included in one bill makes budgeting easy. I really like how Avalon, although very luxurious, is laid back, I don't have to worry about dragging fancy clothes to Europe, my husband can leave his suit at home.              They have a smaller guest ratio so it has a country club atmosphere making it easy to get to know fellow passengers right away.

Unpacking once is a plus, I do take bus tours and that is one thing I do not care for having to pack up and move every few days. When my hotel (ship) moves right along with me it is so much more relaxing.   

If you are looking for a trip that gives you lots of beautiful scenery, great included excursions, luxurious accommodations with gourmet meals this checks all the boxes!

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